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Sounds of the Valley

The Sounds of the Valley project was part of the part of the larger project 'Valley of Visions' whose aim was to raise awareness of the Medway Gap area of Kent by getting communities to engage in the natural environment around them.

Artist Will Glanfield and Blast Creative Music worked with three local primary schools taking students into their surrounding country side recording sounds, taking pictures and filming what they observed. The sounds and images they gathered were then taken back to their schools where they were made into a series of videos.

Sounds of the Valley web page

The Nature of Change

The Nature of Change was a project in conjunction with artist Will Glanfield and the Whitstable museum funded in part by the Arts Council.

The purpose of the project was to record an approximate two mile stretch of coastline at Whitstable on the North Kent coast using art and electro acoustic music.

Children from two primary schools, Swalecliffe and St Mary's, each spent a day exploring the beach starting a different ends but ending at the central point of the towns harbour. The work they create both on the day and back in the schools was shown in the Whitstable Museum The objective was to record the change in the coastline at a moment in time as we move from the extremes of the town's coast to the industrial harbour.

Composition Projects

The Deal Festival of Music and the Arts and the Sounds New festival in Canterbury both run education projects that engage school age students in composing music for professional musicians to play as part of the festivals. We worked as composers in residence within schools directing and help the children through the process of creating their compositions.

Examples of compositions performed in the festivals:

"The highlight of the Sunday evening concert at Deal Town Hall concert was the premiere of a piece composed by pupils from Cartwright and Kelsey Primary School at Ash, working with young composer Stephen Clee."
East Kent Mercury, Deal Festival

Other 'Sounds of the Valley' video

Other 'The Nature of Change' video